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IBM z16

What is Zikipedia?

Zikipedia is a dictionary of all of the Jargon that mainframers use to describe z/OS concepts, components, and tools. The definitions provided here strive to demystify all of this jargon so that anyone who has familiarity with distributed systems can understand z/OS.

How to use Zikipedia

z/OS Dictionary

To look up an acronym open the blue dropdown labeled Dictionary and select the letter that the term/acronym you are looking for starts with.


The dropdown labeled Guides contains a collection of step by step guides for solving problems and exploiting the capabilities of the z/OS platform.


The dropdown labeled References contains a collection of z/OS command references.

Additional Resources

The dropdown labeled Additional Resources contains links to resources external to this site such as the ZOAU documentation and the IBMZ/LinuxOne Container Registry index.

View on Github/Contribute

Feel free to take a look at the GitHub Repository that hosts this site. If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to make a contribution following the Contribution Guidelines.

IBM z16