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ZAAP (System Z Application Assist Processor)

  • Special purpose processor designed specifically for handling Java and XML workloads.

zCX (z/OS Container Extensions)

  • z/OS capability that allows a Linux address space to be run within a z/OS LPAR that is delegated to running Dockerized workloads.

zEDC (zEnterprise Data Compression)

  • This is a coprocessor or part of a mainframe CPU dedicated to offloading data compression.

ZFS (System z File System)

  • ZFS is the successor to HFS. ZFS allows multilevel security to be implemented and one ZFS can contain more than one logical file system.

zIPP (System z Integrated Information Processor)

  • This is a special purpose processor designed specifically for handing DB2 workloads.

ZOAU (Z Open Automation Utilities)

  • ZOAU is an abstraction layer that exposes z/OS functions from z/OS Unix and Python.

ZOSMF (z/OS Management Facility)

  • This is a Web frontent that can be used for managing z/OS.


  • This is a Visual Studio Code plugin that allows data sets and USS files to be edited in the Visual Studio Code editor.

zTPF (z Transaction Processing Facility)

  • This is a mainframe operating system optimized for high-throughput transaction processing.


Think of KVM, VMWare, and VirtualBox.

  • This is the hypervisor/virtual machine runtime for the mainframe. Note that KVM also runs on the mainframe.

zVSE (z Virtual Storage Extended)

  • This is a light-weight version of z/OS used for transaction and batch processing. Users of zVSE eventually upgrade to z/OS.