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  • Just an acronym for Link Edit.
  • Used to specify the link edit parameters needed by SMP/E to create load modules.


  • Synonym for Partitioned Data Set. Since partitioned data sets represent a logical collection of disparate files contained in a single data set, they can be used as ‘libraries’ used for organizing data.


Think of /usr/bin on Linux

  • General use execuable modules available for use on the system.

This is the z/OS equivalent of PATH on Linux.

  • This is a concatenation of executable load modules on the system that allows them to be called and executed easily.


  • An IBMZ mainframe built specifically for running Linux.


  • This is the metadata that is produced by the compiler about the built binary object. In other words, a listing decribes everything that happened during compilation in great detail. Listings can be useful for debugging since they give insight into how a binary was built/compiled.

LLQ (Low Level Qualifier)

Think of the the last / delimited segment in a Linux path (/home/user/hello.txt)

  • This is the most specific part of a data set name. Given the data set RICKY.JCL.JOB1, JOB1 would be the low level qualifier because it identifies the exact data set being referenced.

Load Module

Think of a .exe file on Windows.

  • This is an an executable program on z/OS.
  • Set of authorized programs to submit queries, make changes, an perform operational procedures against the system.
  • Exacutable modules that are loaded into the Link Pack Area during IPL.

LPAR (Logical Partition)

  • A segment of the z/OS system that is reserved for one operating system. There can be many LPARs on one z/OS system, meaning that multiple operating systems can be run on one z/OS box. Note that this is not a virtual machine hypervisor. The operating systems are not virtualized.

LRECL (Logical Record Length)

Think of punch cards. A punch card, which represents one record or line can only contain 80 characters.

  • This is the maximum size that one line or stream of data can be in a data set. For example, a data set with a Logical Record Length of 80 allows only 80 bytes or characters to be written to one record or line.

LU (Logical Unit)

  • A logical unit is the SNA version of a TCP/IP port.