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  • These are tape based storage devices that provide low cost but slow storage. Tapes are usually used for backup or anything that does not need fast or frequest access.

Target Library

  • In SMP/E, this is used to refer to the libraries where an element will be installed.


  • A program/process running on the system

text deck

  • This term is used to refer to a binary object file that is not link edited.

TCB (Task Control Block)

  • This is a block of storage/memory that describes a running task/process.

TLB (Translation Lookaside Buffer)

  • This is an ‘address translation cache’ that keeps track of translations from virtual to real storage addresses. This is used by the CPU to find virtual storage/memory that a user program is referencing.


  • A python based 3270 terminal emulator that runs in your operating system’s native command line terminal.


This can be thought of as an alternative to bytes in the same way that Farenheit is an alternative to Celcius.

  • This is a metric for measuring the amount of data stored on DASD disks. This unit refers to the physical size of the tracks on the DASD disk drives.

TSO (Time Sharing Option)

  • This is the base interface for z/OS. This is the command line interface for z/OS that predates z/OS Unix System Services. ISPF runs on top of TSO.