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The antivirus that runs in the background on your PC can be thought of as a batch workload

  • A large task or unit of work that takes a long time to complete and is run in the background.

BCP (Base Control Program)

The BCP can be thought of as analogous to the Linux Kernel.

  • This is the core component of z/OS that everything else depends on.

BCPii (Base Control Program internal interface)

  • Set of authorized programs to submit queries, make changes, and perform operational procedures against the system.

BLKSIZE (block size)

A block can be thought of as being analogous to a TCP/IP packet.

  • This is a mechanism for optimizing disk I/O. Data is read from and written to a data set as a series of blocks or segments. The block size on a data set can be set to a size that is most optimal for the storage device that the data set resides on.