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ICSF (Integrated Cryptographic Facility)

Like the graphics card you install on your PC but instead of being optimized for foating point operations, crypto cards are optimized for doing cryptography.

  • z/OS component that provides the interface to the crypto cards on the system.


  • TODO

IDZ (IBM Developer for z/OS)

  • Eclipse plugins for developing software for z/OS.


This tool is functionally similar to the cp command on Linux.

  • A program used for copying data sets.


  • A program used specifically for copying flat or sequential data sets.

This is a lot like the ld command on Linux.

  • Program used to invoke the binder, which is the link editor for z/OS.

IFL (Integrated Facility for Linux)

  • Special purpose mainframe processor designated for running Linux.

Instruction Counter

  • This is the part of the program status word that stores the next intruction of the currently running program.

IOCDS (Input/Output Control Data Set)

  • A data set that contains a series of I/O configurations for a particular processor. Only one configuration can be used at a time.

IODF (Input/Output Definition File)

  • A VSAM linear data set that contains I/O configuration information for processors, operating systems, and all logical entities.

IOPS (InputOutput Operations Per Second)

  • This is a unit for measuring the performance of disk I/O.

IOS (Input/Output Supervisor)

  • z/OS component that provides diagnostic data for I/O devices.

IPCS (Interactive Problem Control Center)

  • TODO

IPL (Initial Program Load)

Like booting your PC.

  • Used to refer to doing a cold start of the system.


  • Initial configuration file for z/OS IPL. Must be convention SYS*.IPLPARM.

ISPF (Interactive System Productivity Facility)

  • A menu driven system for interacting with z/OS.