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MACLIB (Macro Library)

Think of .h header files in C.

  • This is a partitioned data set that contains macros or utility assembly programs.


Think of .h header files in C.

  • A macro is a utility assembly program that can be used by other programs.

MCAT (Master Catalog)

In order to find data sets on the system a catalog needs to be used for lookup since data sets are not stored in a hierarchical file system)

  • System wide catalog for maintaining information about where to find DASD volumes and data sets.


A member is a lot like a file in a folder.

  • One logical file that is a member of a partitioned data set.


  • This is a synonym for firmware.

MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second)

  • This is a unit that is often used to measure mainframe CPU processing power.


  • A monoplex is a type of sysplex that contains only one z/OS. In short, a monoplex is a single z/OS that uses a sysplex couple data set.

MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage)

  • Refers to an older version of z/OS. However, MVS is still used to refer to the z/OS system.