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z/OS Unix System Services Command Reference for Sysprogs


Command What it does
mkdir J1.7 Makes a new directory where you are.
chmod 777 J1.7 Grants authority to directory J1.7.
df Shows mount points.
/samples/copytree -sa /from_dir/ /to_dir/ Copies directory + contents preserving UID, etc…
extattr +p ./bbgzsrv Set “program” extended attribute on a file.
rm –rf <dir-name> Removes directory and EVERYTHING under it.
chown ivandov:SYSPROG /u/ivandov Change ownership of USS userid to SYSPROG.
ls -EL Shows extended attributes.
ps –ef Shows processes running
kill -9 [pid] Substitute the PID from above command for [pid].
stty columns 1500 Allows you to scroll right to see stuff off the screen.
du -s * Recursive file size –shows directory sizes!
find /etc -name .bashrc Searches /etc/ directory for “.bashrc” string.
find -L /var/www/ -type l Searches for attribute for symlink.
chtag -t -c ISO8859-1 /some/dir/file Change encoding to ASCII.
tsocmd “addsd (‘.... Do TSO commands from Unix.
ls -lR /tmp/ > /u/vanwag/test Recursively list all directories and put to file.
zospt ps -a Tells if z/OSPT is setup.
ls -alT /usr/lpp/IBM/izoda Shows tagging.
java -XshowSettings Shows Java settings
ln-s /usr/lpp/IBM/izoda/some_file /mylink_somefile Creates SymLink.
jar tf dv-jdbc.jar Shows jars available in a Sym Link.
ps-ef | grep GROUP Shows threads in use.
du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 10 Shows top 10 largest files in directory /var.