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HCD (Hardware Control Definition)

  • Interface for creating an IODF (Input/Output Definition File). In other words, This utility is used to configure I/O devices on z/OS.

HFS (Hierarchical File System)

  • Linux-like file system on z/OS. Note that ZFS is the successor to HFS, which is more secure and scalable.

HLASM (High Level Assembler)

This is analogous to GNU and NASM assembly.

  • The Language and Assembler used for create assembly language programs on z/OS.

HLQ (High Level Qualifier)

  • This is the more general part of a data set qualifier. If you have a data set called RICKY.JCL.JOB1, then RICKY and RICKY.JCL could be considerd high level qualifiers since they are not the part of the the data set name that define the specific resource.

HMC (Hardware Management Console)

  • Remote workstation console that can be used to access the SE of the system for hardware management.