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SYSLOG Command Reference


Command What it does
/d parmlib Shows current PARMLIB concatenation currently used by system.
/$D PROCLIB Shows current PROCLIB concatenation.
/d symbols Shows current symbols set on system.
/d prog,apf Shows list of programs that are APF athorized.
/d prog,lnklst Shows what libraries are in current linklist.
/d asm Displays page information.
/d asm,plpa Displays page info about PLPA.
/d xcf Shows what sysplex the current lpar is part of.
/d ts,l Shows time-sharing tasks (users).
/k c,a,0000000-9999999 Deletes all “/d r,l” messages.
Xdc –In SDSF next to file. Dumps output to a file.
/DS QD,7517,1 Shows device level info for device 7517.
/devserv p,B1C4 Shows device level info for device B1C4.
/d IOS,CONFIG Shows which IODF config file is active.
/f hsm,backvol cds Peforms HSM CDS backup. Will create incremental HSM.*CDS file.
/f hsm,query cdsversionbackup Tells info about HSM backup.
/f dbp1irlm,abend,nodump If don’t have authority to take down DB2, use this work-around.
/d m=stor Shows how much storage memory (CPU) allocated.
/d m=cpu Shows how many CP’s are allocated.
/d m=chp(25) Shows CHPID info.
/d consoles,l,f Shows console devices and connected devices.
/d vs,lfarea Display virtual storage statistics.
/d omvs,a=all Display info about OMVS.
/d omvs,o Display OMVS settings from BPXPRM member.
/d omvs,pipes Display OMVS user usage.
/d omvs,f Displays mounts.
/d u,,alloc,72fac,1 Displays allocations holds on device.
/f catalog,unallocate(ucatdb2.db12test) Unallocates a user catalog.
/f catalog,allocated Shows all the active catalogs.
/f catalog,report,cache Shows catalog cache status for each catalog.
/f catalog,report,performance Shows catalog performance statistics.
/f catalog,report,performance(reset) Resets performance stats.
/d m=dev(7100) Shows CHP’s for current device.
/d m=chp(8d) Displays CHPID status.
/cf chp(61),online Configureda CHPID line.
/d sms Tells SMS active datasets.
/d sms,lib(all) Shows SMS vitual tape libs activated.
/v sms,lib(zvts),online Vary’s on SMS Virtual Tape library.
/v net,act,id=db2blu,scope=all Activates a VTAM LU.
/F CEA,D,PARMS Displays CEA parms.
/!MQxx STOP QMGR Stop MQ manager.
/d ssi Shows active subsystems.
/d grs Shows some basic system info.
/d logger,l Displays any LOGGER info on the system.
/d logger,l,lsname=ifasmf.inmem Displays a specific logstream.
/d logger,c Shows summary of Logstreams.
/d logger,str Shows structures allocated to logstreams
/d logger,c,lsn=ifasmf.ckqradar,detail Shows gobs of detail about Logstream.
/s ixgoflds,logstream=<> Forces offload of logstream.
/d xcf Shows what sysplex the current lpar is part of.
/d xcf,pi Show XCF/sysplex path-in-addresses.
/d xcf,po Show XCF/sysplex path-out-addresses.
/d xcf,couple Coupling facility, tells current datasets in use.
/d xcf,cf Logical coupling facility information.
/d xcf,policy Current active policy of coupling facility.
/d xcf,structure Current policy of coupling facility active structure.
/setxcf start,rebuild,strname=istgeneric Start and rebuild coupling facility structure. Have to do this when altering structure sizes.
/d xcf,str,strname=________ Snapshot in time of current coupling facility status.
/d cf Hardware coupling facility information.
/d xcf,policy,type=cfrm Shows policies pending.
/d xcf,s Shows summary of LPARs in Sysplex.
/d xcf,sysplex Shows LPAR’s in a Sysplex.
/setxcf force,pndstr,cfname=Z13CF06 Forces “pending” structures.
/setxcf start,policy,type=cfrm,polname=SHARJUDY Start a policy that has been defined by JCL.
/setxcf force,str,strname=DBSG_LOCK1 Forcefully deletes a structure. Potentially Dangerous.
/setxcf start,reallocate A cmd to try when all else fails.
/d xcf,str,stat=policychange See pending things for policy change.
/$D NODE Displays JES2 nodes.
/$D MEMBER Displays JES2stuff.
/$DSPL Displays JES Spool size.
/MVS $P O JQ,A>14 Purges a bunch of stuff from JES Spool.
/$D NODES Shows JES2 nodes.
/$D SPOOL Shows info about JES Spool.
/$D SPOOLDEF Shows more info about the JES Spool.
/$PJOBQ,JOBMASK=’CTC19*’ From HMC, purges jobs from JESSPOOL (if full).
/$DJOBQ,SPOOL=(%>5) Shows JES Spool jobs > 5%.
/$DSPL Displays JES Spool utilization.
/R=LOCAL.*,ALL,CANCEL,DAYS>7 Purges JESSPOOL jobs from output queue.
/$TESTBYTE,NUM=499999,OPT=1 Cancels a job if spool size exceeds certain threshold.
/D IPLINFO Shows last ipl info.
/c u=vanwag Cancels userid/force u=vanwagWhen all else fails to cancel id.
/CANCEL AZKS,A=71 Force cancel a duplicate started task. A=ASID.
/d smf,o Displays parameters in effect for SMF.
/set smf=00 Causes SMF to suck in the …PARMLIB(SMFPRM00) member.
/d omvs,a=all Shows users and states
/set omvs=pu Re-drives the PARMLIB(BPXPRMxx) member.
/f omvs,shutdown WARNING! Shutdown OMVS/USS.
/setomvs syntaxcheck(sh) Checks syntax for.PARMLIB(BPXPRMSH).
/p rmf Stops RMF.
/S RMFSLO,JOBNAME=RMF Starts RMF – make sure you look in ___.PARMLIB(COMMANDxx) for parms.
/F RMF,D ZZ Displays RMF parms in memory.
/F HZSPROC,DEACTIVATE,CHECK=(IBM*,*) Turn off Health Check.
/F ZFS,QUERY,ALL Shows cool stats on ZFS.
/RACF SET LIST Shows template version and other misc info.
/d tcpip,,netstat,allconn Shows TCP/IP addresses like TSO HOMETEST.
/d tcpip,,netstat,home Equivalent of HOMETEST.
/d tcpip,tn3270,prof Tells if TCPIP (PCOMM) port is open. Look for “PROF: CURR CONNS:”. Should be “1”. If not starting, make sure PAGENT is running on system.
/d tcpip,tcpip,stor TCP/IP storage info.
/d tcpip,tcpip,netstat,stats,protocol=tcp More info on TCP.
/d tcpip,telnet Shows status of TN3270.
/d tcpip,tn3270,conn Shows all TCPIP connections for TN3270.
/d tcpip,tn3270,conn,conn=0006ca3b Shows details about particular connection.
/v tcpip,tcpip,obeyfile,dsn=pel.plexb.parmlib(peldata)  
/d tcpip,,netstat,devl Shows info about Hipersockets.
/d net,trl,control=roce Shows info about RoCE card.
/d net,id=ATSS1005  
/d sms Tells SMS datasets active on system.
/d sms,volume(pel001) If SMS managed, returns info about the volume.
/D SMS,STORGRP(SDUMP),LISTVOL Tells what volumes are in storage group (DFSMS).
/DS SMS,7E35,1 Tells if SMS managed.
/RACFTARGET LIST Tells if RACF is synced to another system (RRSF).
/-DB11STO DB2 Stop DB2.
/-DB11STA DB2 Start DB2.
/-DB11DIS DDF DETAIL Shows info about DB2.
/c asks.starting Cancels a task that is in starting mode and duplicate to an already started task.
/d m=dev(5000) Displays device 5000.
/d m=chp(50) Displays CHPID 50
/v path(50000,51),offline Varies device 5000 offline from CHPID 51.
/cf chp(51),offline Varies CHPID 51 offline.