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Variable Length Data Set

  • This is a data set that can have records of a variable lengeth. Note that the size of lines/records on data sets is a data structure architected into the data set.

VIPA (Virtual Internet Protocol Address)

Similar concept to the floating IP Addresses that cloud providers often allow users to assign to their high availability clusters.

  • VIPAs are virtual addresses that z/OS network administrators can configure to point to more than one z/OS system at a time and they can be transfered dynamically in a way that is transparent to the network and most applications.

Virtual Storage

  • This is the user’s logical view of memory/storage. The operating system handles mapping the user’s virtual storage addresses to real/physical storage addresses.

Volume Serial

Think of the identifiers given to the disk drives on your PC (Disk0, Disk1, Disk2, etc…).

  • This is a code that identifies a DASD disk device.

VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method)

  • This is a specialized type of data sets that allows for specialized sequencing and organization. For example, a key sequenced data set is a type of VSAM data set that acts like a python dictionary, where data is sequenced using key-value pairs.

VTAM (Virtual Telecommunications Access Method)

Think of the SSH daemon that manages your sessions with Unix based systems.

  • VTAM is a set of programs that manages sessions between terminals and programs running on z/OS.

VTOC (Volume Table of Contents)

  • Part of DASD disk device that contains information about where to find data sets on the volume.